Monday, 31 August 2009

The Vampire Squid from Hell

Name Origin
The Vampire Squid, no matter how fake or silly it sounds is in fact a real member of the cephalopod family. It’s latin name Vampyroteuthis infernalis translates literally to ‘vampire squid from hell’. Now how is that for a title?

Its name was given because of its jet-black skin (although their colour can vary), the appearance of red eyes, and its unusual webbed arms that resemble a cloak.

About the creature

Despite the ferocious name, vampire squids are quite docile creatures that grow no bigger than six inches in length. They live in the pitch black depths of the ocean where virtually no light can penetrate. (Ideal for any vampiric creature.)

The vampire squids body is covered in light producing organs called photophores that allows it to completely illuminate itself at will. When not illuminated the squid is practically invisible to its prey and predators. Other defence mechanisms include wrapping its ‘cloak’ around its body, and confusing enemies with a glowing ink.


The vampire squid was first discovered in 1903 by marine biologist Carl Chun. It was first mistakenly identified as an octopus, but was later given its own order Vampyromorphia. It shares traits with both octopi and squids.


Is it just me or would this thing make a great dark-type/ water pokemon?

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  1. Forget pokemon, I want one in an aquarium in my house.